Neil Anthony Sims 

Neil is a marine biologist (B.Sc. James Cook University; M.Sc. University of New South Wales), with a professional commitment to "softening mankind's footprint on the seas". Neil worked in fisheries management and development in the South Pacific during the 1980s. Through this experience, he began to recognize the need for us all to move "more towards a culture of nurture" of marine resources rather than a purely extractive approach.

Neil has been based in Kona since 1990, first working in pearl oyster hatchery development and pearl farming throughout Hawaii, the South Pacific and South East Asia. As marine finfish stocks worldwide continued to decline, Neil and his partners saw both opportunity and imperative to apply their invertebrate hatchery and growout expertise to help solve the world's looming seafood crisis.To this end, Neil and Dr Dale Sarver founded Kona Blue Water Farms in 2001, building a team that developed cutting-edge hatchery methods for 'difficult-to-rear' marine fish larvae: snappers, groupers, and yellowtail/jacks, and pioneering the first integrated hatchery and open ocean fish farm in the U.S.

Kampachi Farms was co-founded by Neil and Michael to continue this tradition, focusing on the global need for expanded production of high-value, marine fin-fish, and pursuit of "next generation" technologies, including: remote offshore culture systems, more sustainable and scale-able feeds, and new species. 


Michael Bullock

Kampachi Farms Chief Operations Officer.  

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