Kampachi Farms

Kampachi Farms is a Hawaii-based mariculture company focused on expanding the sustainable production of the ocean's finest fish.

Through innovative research and application of the best available science, Kampachi Farms will remain on the cutting edge of healthy, environmentally responsible seafood.

Bjørn Myrseth


Chairman of the Board Bjørn Myrseth is a Norwegian national. He is a fisheries biologist from the University of Bergen; due to his long tenure and considerable expertise, he is widely considered to be of the pioneers of the modern fish farming industry. Mr. Myrseth was one of the founders of Stolt Sea Farms where he was CEO from 1972-1987. In 1987 he founded Marine Farms ASA and was that company’s CEO until February 2011. He has broad experience from across the industry, as an entrepreneur, a board member, a consultant, and keynote speaker at many international fish farming conferences. He has also been an associate professor at the Institute of Fishery Biology at the University of Bergen. He is currently also Chairman of Morpol, the world's leading provider of value-added salmon products.



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